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Wandering Rocks
14. Father conmee: jesuit house, Gardiner Street to ...
15. ... Marino
16. Blazes Boylan: Thornton's shop, 63 Grafton Street.
17. Ned Lamber: the Chapter House, St. Mary's Abbey.
18. Lenhan and M'Coy: Crampton court.
19. Mr Bloom: Merchant's Arch.
20. Dilly Dedalu: Dillon's auction rooms, 25 Bachelor's Walk.
21. Mr. Kernan: James's Street.
22. Stephen Dedalus: Russell's shop, 57 Fleet Street.
23. Martin Cunningham: Dublin Castle.
24. Buck Mulligan: DBC tearooms, 33 Dame Street.
25. Master Dignam: Rugby O'Donooe's pub, 23 Wicklow Street.
26: Viceroy's cavalcade: Viceregal Lodge, Phoenix Park to...
27. RDS showgrounds, Ballsbridge.