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life is a bitch
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

becoming hopeful

The new plan says we go on the 28th. 26th May - Day 58 As if Russ hasn't got enough on his plate news reaches us that a glacial lake has filled in behind us about a quarter of the way between ABC and BC. This means that yak trains cannot get through. Russ leads a team of 15 to go down and dig a meter wide yak trail skirting the lake for several hundred yards to give safe passage.... [read more]

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good news

Chrenkoff "Chrenkin' off" on the Right side of life since 1972 - - - The news and views from Down Under on politics, international affairs and culture Monday, July 26, 2004 Good news from Afghanistan, Part 2 Note : This second part of " Good news from Afghanistan" is also available online at the "Opinion Journal". Once again, great many thanks to James Taranto for his support of blogdom and helping to spread the good news in... [read more]

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grace and money

a place called home / wisdom / Wisdom Keller Dr. Tim Keller ( Redeemer Presbyterian Church , New York City) One of the most insightful and intellectually honest Bible teachers I've heard. Teaches the transforming of God's grace as demonstrated in His unconditional love for humankind through a powerful friendship. God's love is so strong towards us. God's work is finished in Jesus Christ and the more we look to that, the more peace security strength we'll experience. Messages Stewardship Messages on money, generosity, and... [read more]

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cool blonde beauty

” He squeezed Buck’s shoulder. “She was your first love, and love can be purty blind when it’s your first time out. You think on it; you think on how she was. You think on how you were. You never thought there might be a world of hurt comin’ with that girl. ” For the second time that day Buck cast his mind back to a year ago. He impatiently brushed aside the humiliation he still felt, the fury that... [read more]

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he quickly falls in love

One can argue that Vertigo may have been too passionate and too personal for the pre-auteurist 1950 s. Perhaps contemporary audiences were also put off by a hero who is met hanging from a gutter and left standing at the edge of the abyss. At the other extreme : in a late 1970 s Village Voice critics poll, the film was voted the greatest American movie of all time. I’m assuming you know Vertigo... [read more]

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ghost story

Visit the Sports & Outdoors Store Exercise & Fitness equipment and apparel to help you get on track and in shape. So You'd Like to. New Asian Cinema Masterpieces : A guide by SilverSun, recovering movie fanatic. Create your guide 22 used & new from $14. 95 Have one to sell. Chinese Ghost Story (1987) see larger picture List Price: $29. 95 Price: $26. 96 & This item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. You Save: $2. 99 (10%) Availability: Usually... [read more]

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the lost Kingdom

The 70mm Newsletter Widescreen Weekend Todd-AO Playing in 70mm Library , Link & News eXperymints Kudos & Contributors Search & Table of contents Sponsors Please mail info and comments to the editor. com web material copyright © 1994 - 2006. Website opened June 2, 1999. " The Lost Kingdom " This article first appeared in. in 70mm The 70mm Newsletter Written by: Brendan Quale Issue 58 - September 1999 Still from Rheged: The Lost Kingdom , supplied by Rheged The Upland Kingdom Discovery Center. "... [read more]

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on earth as in heaven

He was born and whimpered and cried. He was fully human though internally God; and He took unto Himself human activity in order to ennoble and divinize it, rendering it most pleasing in the sight of His Father and our Father. As an infant, He nursed from His Mother's breast and did the things of an infant. As a child, an adolescent, a youth, and an adult, He likewise did the things proper to those... [read more]

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The Spirit of the Word "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. "-- Jesus "The letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. "-- Paul Quick Return Home Page Christ Our Revelation (1) by Jeanne Guyon Chapter 19 Rev. 19:1,2: After these things I heard, as it were, a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, "Hallelujah. Salvation and glory and power belong to our God; because His judgments... [read more]

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his judgments will be just

Notice what happens next: White robes were given to them and they were told to sleep a little longer, until the rest of their brethern be killed. Thus we see the judgment is indeed for them. They are now given white robes and told to rest--- they will be resurrected in the first resurrection. Of course the other side is also true-- Those Christians and people who killed them will receive their justice as well-- That's what the whole investigative judgment... [read more]

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guidance of religion

Next » Print Selection Pages 157-160 NINTH PRINCIPLE—THE NON-INTERFERENCE OF RELIGION WITH POLITICS 4 Avenue de Camöens, Paris, November 17th In the conduct of life, man is actuated by two main motives: ‘The Hope for Reward’ and ‘The Fear of Punishment’. This hope and this fear must consequently be greatly taken into account by those in authority who have important posts under Government. Their business in life is to consult together... [read more]

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reordering of priorities

In the era before 9/11, this fundamental temporal triad had reached a tipping point for many Americans. Excessive future orientation left little mental functioning to appreciate the virtues and values of the past and present. Our capitalist corporate mentality gave dominance to a future-oriented time perspective, ruled by abstract mental manipulations of cost-benefit analyses, probabilities and contingent planning. But something wonderful seems to be emerging from the ashes of the World Trade Center, from the suffering and heroism we have all witnessed together. Our priorities may be shifting away from... [read more]

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life is a bitch

With one of its oldest and most tenacious antitrust opponents out of the way, Microsoft made an overnight public relations effort to try and bounce the EU competition commissioners to walk away from the Eurocrats' March decision to fine the company. But that appears to have been rebuffed - at least for now. The CCIA, whose members include Verizon, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, AOL and Yahoo. had provided moral and practical support to the US Department of Justice and the EU for several years, offering... [read more]

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