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i am sad
Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why or why not

John West believes intelligent design is scientific, not religious. What do you think. Do you think scientific criticisms of evolutionary theory are currently being taught in public schools. Should they be. Why or why not. West claims that a double standard exists in our public... [read more]

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most people do

&ns& ; Volume 3, Number 3 1996 Indiana University - The Center for Adolescent Studies Most People Don't Use Drugs Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to discuss people's opinions about drug use. Students will be able to see how many people use drugs or alcohol at their school. Grade... [read more]

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the body may doze

All the same, make it a point to be discreet and heart-warm, and don't compete in this "business", for that's much of the help anyway.... [read more]

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to contemplate

1 4 1 How to Contemplate What works best, that had better help. And here's how to contemplate. WE TEACH good and sensible contemplation fit for many, with lots of instructions. Solid "diving within" is laid bare: Here's how to contemplate. Some call... [read more]

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wedding poem

What eventually flowed, was this poem written from the bride and groom's perspective. It was penned to encompass appreciation for the past, confirmation of the present, and anticipation for the future. Could You Be The One For Me. Wedding Poem - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow by Kit... [read more]

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Home Page Love Poems And Quotes Main Categories Love Poems Love Quotes Famous Quotes Friendship Poems Friendship Quotes Inspirational Quotes Poetry Contest Top Monthly Poetry Romantic Ideas Wedding Section Odds And Ends Romantic Love Cards Vote... [read more]

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i am sad

Lots of people died. The bad guys do not like our country. We just have to have hope. I love our country. By: Emma V. I am very sad about what happened and I am... [read more]

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