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why are we here
Thursday, October 6, 2005

seen from the river

The constant maneuvering will wear you down. When the water is high, it's a riproaring whitewater trip that can be done in six to eight hours. Be aware of two diversions, one at mile 81 and Floweree Diversion at mile 74.... [read more]

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with irregular features

Table 2: Navigational Assessment Requirements Task 1 Determine River Classification at the Site of the Proposed Diversion Requirements Assessment of the Waterway based on the River Classification System Established for Rivers in British Columbia. Deliverables/Data Sources Confirmation of the... [read more]

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great amount of flesh

If one were a pineal-centred person, then one might easily be labelled psychic, for one would see the unobvious in life far more than most. One would have an excellent memory, be precocious. Also, such a... [read more]

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enormous energy

In this group we have those who achieved the heights of spiritual love and poetical insight. PITUITARY-CENTRED TYPE If you are one in whom the pituitary is extremely active, you will again have distinctive features. You will be tall and angular, usually highly intelligent, with large long bones that are not covered by a great amount of... [read more]

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from the vacuum

ON EXTRACTING ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM Thomas E. Bearden CTEC, Inc. (and also Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study) 2311 Big Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama 35801. Generators and batteries do not furnish any of their internal energy to their external... [read more]

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why are we here

Why are we here. from: Carroll, B. , 1996, An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, Addison-Wesley Pub. A BOB: the B ig O range B ook) In our astrophysics class, a student once asked, Why are we here. The answer was as amazing to us as it was to the class: We are here because,... [read more]

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