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where do I start?
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

What have we accomplished

Not Counting Niggers "I reminded them that war in Iraq is really about peace. " -- George W. Bush "There are people in this world who are killers. " -- Scott McClellan We Had To Destroy The Village In Order To Rebuild It. Once An Aryan, Always An Aryan March 20, 2003 What Have We Accomplished. This blogger was not alive (or at least, not sentient) during the Vietnam Era, and didn't fully realise until later the... [read more]

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If we bomb

And it seems we are more at war than ever. Did I have a premonition. Maybe, who knows. I went through all of the emotions, our entire nation went through. The anger was prevailant for quite awhile, and I thought, we should definitely make war on terrorist. Now, i'm not even sure who or what that is. If we bomb them, and they bomb us, and we bomb them again. What have we accomplished. How do we make PEACE. How do we become neighbors, friends, fellow humans... [read more]

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The abused are likely to abuse

Afghanistan has the highest number of widows and orphans in the world. Over 2 million of the population is maimed and all are traumatized by war. It is the most densely mined country in the world, with 10 million mines mostly on the border areas with Pakistan and Iran. Its infrastructure is obliterated. Per capita income annually is probably less than 100 dollars. It is a people sick and dying with angry young men. We... [read more]

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we do know this

r Archive of Past Issues Subscribe to FuturEdition Volume 4, Number 19 October 2, 2001 Edited by John L. Petersen ( johnp@arlingtoninstitute. org ) Counter-Intuition by Linda McGinnis and Maniza Naqvi Everyone agrees. This is a war like no other. Just like Vietnam changed the face and methods of combat for years to come, this most heinous act of terrorism directed at us in our history poses our most serious threat ever…and no one really knows just how we can retaliate without further endangering ourselves. Not George, not... [read more]

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emotionally trying

There are also a number of others who don't have the time, expertise, or the confidence to help you understand, in advance, exactly what it is going to take to buy or sell your next home. That's why we feel especially privileged you stopped by and have favored us with this opportunity to serve your Eagle Idaho real estate needs. We appreciate your time very much. Of course, at this point, we don't know what your particular housing needs and objective... [read more]

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where do I start?

Events Calendar Where Do I Start to Adopt. Click here for More About Adoption Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, the adoption process can be emotionally trying, time consuming, and frustrating. This factsheet provides some basic information about adoption alternatives to give you an understanding of the adoption process. (Because we cannot describe each facet of adoption in detail in this factsheet, throughout the text we have cited related NAIC factsheets that you can request by calling the telephone number on this... [read more]

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