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just give up
Thursday, December 29, 2005


Some related headresses of the 15th Century: theories on construction Examples and re-creations from several sources by Cynthia du Pré Argent... [read more]

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leave x alone

endx && *(string start)) { int cw = charWidth(font_struct, (unsigned char)string[start]); newendx -= cw; width -= cw; length--; choppedEnd = True; } break; } case XmALIGNMENT_END: { /* * Figure out our x for the right justified string. * Then loop and chop... [read more]

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axis of symmetry

  4)  Reflections about the line y = x is accomplished by interchanging the x and the y-values.   Thus for y = f(x) the reflection about the line y = x is accomplished by x = f(y).   Thus... [read more]

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odd bond

Any singleton must lie on the axis of # symmetry, and is either bonded off of the axis [to atoms on # either side of the axis with identical symmetry classes], # or along the axis of symmetry to a maximum of two # neighbors. # # # The implementation uses the array "classpair" to identify... [read more]

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feet in stirrups

The experience of holding a stranger's hand during an abortion is a powerful one. A piece of your self is taken on by them, just as you take in their pain, relief, tears and nervous laughter. Standing guard next to paper-clothed examination tables, I have been closer... [read more]

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Skip to content. EServer » bad home » Bad Articles » 1998 » 38: Men, Women, and Everyone Else » Strapped Down: Chinese Women and the Logic of American Feminism Bad Subjects Small Text Normal Text Large Text Search Sections Home About Articles Authors Books Contact Us Editorials Links News Reviews... [read more]

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serious power

Hardware Win 95/98 Win NT Win Me Win XP Win 2000 Win 2003 Win 3. 1 E-Home Office Gaming Drivers Linux Websites E-Photo Hardware Security Coding PDAs Networks CPUs Solaris BeOS Novell OpenVMS DOS Unix... [read more]

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Here are six of the best. Read full story Your antivirus software has B. With researchers rushing to find the next big IE flaw, is anyone checking security apps. One researcher is,... [read more]

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December 26, 2005 - 07:07PM PST Home Storage OS DB Security Programming Web Dev Hardware Networking Apps Misc Get Started Here Search IT solutions Ask a technology expert Get instant answers Search white papers and web... [read more]

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Technical Solutions Enter your part number: Search by: Part # Keywords Customers now benefit from a unique partnership offering a suite of services designed just for them. Visit Lumileds Future Welcome to Future Electronics, a world-class leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of semiconductors and passive, interconnect and electro-mechanical components. Company News Avago... [read more]

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just give up

Site map Corrections Blogs Extra Readers' Choice My News Front Door Business Tech Cutting Edge Access Threats Media 2. 0 Markets Digital Life Options Talkback: Will's Sony's DRM nightmare affect future policies. < Previous comment Comment 8 of 40 Next comment. Sony should just give up Reader post by: Omar Y.... [read more]

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