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Monday, January 10, 2005

Deconstructing the body

Constructing and Deconstructing the Body : A Review of Recent Body Image Videos by Nita Mary McKinley BEAUTY AND THE BEACH ... [read more]

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anatomically correct

Anatomically Correct Character Modeling by Stefan Henry-Biskup Gamasutra November 13, 1998 Vol. 2, Issue 45 Introduction Case Study: Jack Nichoolas 5 What's A character sheet. Deconstructing the body Creating the Pelvis The Spine The Shoulders The Elbows The... [read more]

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Barbies and Kens

-- I'm not sure when this started, but Mattel now makes Pop Star Barbies. These dolls are of Britany Spears, Spice Girls, that Aguilera girl, and generic Rock Star Barbie, as well as many others. What You Should know about Your Barbie · Barbie's... [read more]

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lost in coma

She keeps a picture of the body she lends. Got nasty blisters from the money she spends. She's got a life of her own and it shows by the Benz She drives at 90 by the Barbies and... [read more]

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escaping reality

Amadeo's Sanctum « Ahhhh *sigh*. "You must be dead to the world. " » May 25, 2003 Escaping Reality. ORGY "Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" She's lost in coma where it's beautiful... [read more]

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NEVER have to diet again

In this no-nonsense guide, the behavior expert who’s given new meaning to “telling it like it is” hits you with the bottom-line truth and... [read more]

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There are no miracle

Articles & Research Beating The Drop Out Odds - 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid By: Dianne Villano - CPFI www. com If you are like most Americans, you are embarking on a new fitness program about now. Within... [read more]

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increase the size of your penis

Penis Size / Question Published: May 2, 2002 Dear TeenHealthFX, Is it possible to increase the size of your penis after it’s completed growing. And, is it... [read more]

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