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i don't want to die
Monday, January 10, 2005

Ghosts from the Nursery

What does that mean. EACH BOOK'S COVER IS AN AMAZON. com ORDERING LINK Karr-Morse, Robin and Wiley, Meredith S. Ghosts From the Nursery : Tracing the Roots of Violence. (Introduction by Dr. The Atlantic... [read more]

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the first two years of life

If we read the news stories beyond the first couple of days and find out more about these so-called "good" boys from "nice" homes with "great parents," we will often find clues to their madness. And though there are indeed many contributors to child and adolescent violence, the starting point should be the... [read more]

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experience projectile vomiting

Research also has placed physicians at the verge of being able to offer specific immunologic interventions. Syndromes and Allergens One of the... [read more]

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it's a symptom

Suspect that projectile vomiting is a symptom of poisoning - the body may be aggressively trying to rid itself of a toxin. Drug-overdose patients often experience projectile vomiting. Evaluate your child for a reaction to a head injury if he or she suddenly starts... [read more]

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Film club devotee Nick Scott picked UHF, a 1989 vehicle starring Weird Al Yankovic. Scott says UHF is an "infantile, embarrassingly weird" flick for "those who can truly appreciate dumb comedy. " Roger Ebert begs to disagree. He wrote that UHF, "is the dreariest comedy in many a month,... [read more]

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I fear the pain

Copyright, Nicke Tonight i have not cut… but How I long for that fear to be released… The fear of being alone, With nothing but my knife to bring me sweet, sweet comfort. How I long... [read more]

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Only God has that power

I'll miss you. Can I say it louder and clearer. -- I don't want to die. I want to be... [read more]

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i don't want to die

I Don't Want To Die by Bob Davidson, Chaplain, Copyright Thoughts Expressed by a Young Mother Dying of Cancer Dying scares me. The dying process scares me. I am not fearful of death, but I am of dying. In fact, I sense you are... [read more]

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