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Tout finit mal
Wednesday, February 1, 2006


1 now available for Mac OS X and Microsoft® Windows®. Sciral Consistency Consistency , thou art a jewel. —popular saying Consistency , from Sciral, does one thing and does it well. Its... [read more]

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com Borland Developer Network Borland Support Center Borland University Worldwide Sites USA Purchase Shop Online Where to Buy Downloads Contact Us Search Application Lifecycle IDE... [read more]

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Subscribe to VOTF Newsletter Email: VOTF NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL NEWS 01/17/06 - What Tom Gumbleton's Public Statement Means to VOTF - Jim Post - Click here 01/11/06 - Bishop Gumbleton’s Revelation Underscores Need for Statute of Limitations Reform for Sexual Abuse Victims... [read more]

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From Commitment Phobe to "I Do". A ten-step plan for winning your CP's heart and getting that long overdue & much deserved commitment. From Commitment Phobe to "I Do". A ten-step plan for winning your CP's heart and getting that... [read more]

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URGENT APPEAL JANUARY 2006 WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF FUNDS PLEASE SUPPORT US TO CONTINUE THE IRAQ BODY COUNT In January 2003 a small volunteer team started methodically counting all... [read more]

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Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs October 2002 Key Judgements: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs Discussion: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs UN Security Council Resolutions and Provisions for Inspections and Monitoring: Theory and Practice Nuclear Weapons Program Chemical Warfare Programs Biological Warfare Program Ballistic Missile Program Unmanned Aerial... [read more]

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ACCÈS RAPIDE Page d'accueil Archéologie Métiers d'art Civilisations Cultures Premiers peuples Histoire Trésors Histoire militaire Catalogue (artéfacts) Catalogue (bibliothèque) Autres sites Web Boutique Dieux et déesses I l est... [read more]

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La mythologie de l'Antiquité comporte un très grand nombre de dieux, déesses, demi-dieux, ou héros. Chaque puissance naturelle peut être représentée par une divinité ... [read more]

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Tout finit mal

Tolkien ou l'angoisse de l'impermanence. Tolkien a ceci d'intéressant qu'il nous raconte de merveilleuses histoires tout en nous mettant obscurément mal à l'aise. Obscurément est bien le terme, car si vu de loin tout finit bien, en réalité tout finit mal.... [read more]

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