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The sum of all fears...
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Sexual liberation

What a Piece of Sh*t is Man The Trojan Horses Of Feminism Fools And Feminists Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable Eight Horrible Facts Women - Weak and Pathetic. Were Women Oppressed in the West. Polygamy - the Pros and Cons Women And Children Some BBC Propaganda Tricks Slap That Face Depression Europe is Dying Only Women Are... [read more]

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Compassionate aggression

i am only passionately curious. Misha Posted: 2003-06-27 15:56:08 Mr. Punny Guy Premium Member USA 4621 Posts I'm reading Creative Aggression , a pop psychology book from 1974 that I found for 50 cents in a thrift shop I happened upon one day. While it's has many generalizations about personality types, there are some aspects about it that are... [read more]

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Terror and Tears

I remember the pure and consuming madness of being invisible and unreal, and every blow making me more invisible and more unreal, as the worst desperation I have ever known. I... [read more]

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Once I knew love

P or leave a message at 1-250-631-2632 *** Search for Tamara Continues BC Unsolved Murders Kathryn-Mary NEWS STORIES Prince Rupert Daily News *** Vancouver Sun Nov. 26, 2005 *** Vancouver Sun Dec. 10, 2005 *** Edmonton Sun Misc. News Stories Missing Nicole Hoar Tamara Chipman Lana Derrick Delphine Nikal Home Missing Index Our Stories Who are we Events Links... [read more]

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