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I hate spiders
Thursday, January 13, 2005

treasures in a barn

Lesa Sawahata P IS FOR PAUL TO ERICA C. BARNETT: Thanks for exposing the EMPeror's lack of clothing, something the sycophantic journalists in this podunk... [read more]

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we live in the present

”   B.    We need to commit ourselves to a greater good. Mark 8:36    “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his soul. ”   We don’t envision the future very well.   We live in the past, so we don’t... [read more]

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what we think we can do

This law works both negatively or positively depending upon what we have put out to the universe. THE LAW OF RETURN: Our rewards in life are in direct... [read more]

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control our lives

C O N T R O L How can we control our own destiny. It is very important to realize that we control our lives with our mind. We can only do... [read more]

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the whole universe conspires

When he decides to go, his father's only advice is Travel the world until you see that our castle is the... [read more]

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you can walk on water

” “That’s blasphemy. ” “I’m not a Christian, so that word doesn’t scare me. The metaphor of the story is that once you look inside and figure out who you are--and once... [read more]

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I know it is not logical

) The men in the boat could not believe it (not logical to them), so they concluded it must be a ghost. (When things are not logical, then we make up a supernatural reason... [read more]

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I hate spiders

If you love spiders, then this is the movie for you. I hate the durn things and this movie just about did me in - I... [read more]

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