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Saturday, January 15, 2005

when life began

In the beginning, from the beginning, God gives us all a new beginning. The God of life has given us the gift of life. ”... [read more]

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come into being

All rights reserved. be·gin ( P ) Pronunciation Key (b -g n ) v. be·gan, (-g n ) be·gun, (-g n ) be·gin·ning, be·gins v. To take the first step in performing an action; start. To come into being : when life began. To do or accomplish in the least degree: Those measures do not even begin to address the... [read more]

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what does not exist

Unfortunately, a god creating itself brings up many complications, and when trying to find the answer to a problem, one should look for the simplest answer. This way of... [read more]

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Divine principles

BECK index LIFE AS A WHOLE Contents God and the Divine Principles God Goodness, Truth, and Beauty Reality, Awareness, and Joy Love, Wisdom, and Power Life, Growth, and Fruition Will, Freedom, and Responsibility Creativity, Balance, and Harmony Courage, Faith, and Patience Law,... [read more]

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inflexibility of men

If the nature of Christ and his function as Judge be not included among them, it would be difficult to give a reason for including any doctrine among them. Where, then, would be the things. Divergences on these subjects are as lamentable and bitterness-engendering as our correspondent feels them to be. But they are... [read more]

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the real culprits

["The committee on women's rights will now come to order. "] The Real Culprits The real culprit in all this,... [read more]

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The madness of the free market

Do we consume too much. It’s a commonly held belief that we could go a long way to ending world hunger, poverty and... [read more]

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continuing oppression

There is an alternative. Here we print excerpts from Alan Maass’ Why You Should Be a Socialist, soon to be republished by Haymarket Books in a... [read more]

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sexual identity

Sexual Identity and Gender Identity Glossary This pamphlet is designed to give heterosexuals and people who are just starting to think of coming out some basic common terms with the gender and sexual identity communities, so that they can speak somewhat intelligently with members of these communities without seriously offending people or appearing totally clueless. Keep... [read more]

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power of the phallus

" In this way the Bay Times implied that heterosexuality, not lesbianism, is what demands to be problematized by sensational journalistic... [read more]

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masochistic pleasure

No pleasure on earth matches the pleasure of having proven himself real, positive and not negative, a man and not a woman, a bona fide member of the group which holds dominion over all other living things. Fourth, it is necessary to understand that under... [read more]

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Outrage and shock

Ever noticed how those who are offended by what they read and see somewhere, seem to enjoy being offended. They take great joy and pleasure in proclaiming their outrage and shock... [read more]

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