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the end of internet
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Man Kills Mother

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defy all scientific understanding

html "For years scientists and marine experts have dismissed such stories as superstition. Walls of water do not rise out of the blue, they said. But now research has revealed that 'killer waves' do exist and regularly devastate ships around the world. They defy all scientific understanding and no craft is capable of withstanding... [read more]

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Walls of water

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it cannot be measured

From Greg Cruey , Your Guide to Asia for Visitors. Sign Up Now. Scientists are telling us that the December 26th earthquake in the waters south the Andaman Islands and West of Sumatra made the Earth wobble... [read more]

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25:41-46; Luke 16:22-28) ~ Holy Bible ETERNITY IS FOREVER - There is a term in Algebra called infinity. The word ‘infinity’ defines a number that is so large it has lost meaning. For example, if you multiplied a number by itself and kept doing so, eventually the sum... [read more]

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you have seen hell

Blame it on the first sin: the sin of pride that rules today. Sin causes death and division. Sin is of evil and evil is of Satan. Do not blame your God for war, death, hate, pride, division for... [read more]

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You have now seen everything

servant of Yama. Say, what sin have I committed, for which I have incurred this deepest hell, frightful for its torments. Known as King Vipascit, I protected the earth with uprightness; I let no fighting rage; no guest departed with averted countenance; nor did I offend the spirits of the ancestors, the... [read more]

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the end of internet

This is the end of Internet. You have now seen everything worth to see in the virtual world. It is safe for you to turn off the computer and step outside the door... [read more]

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