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god is dead
Wednesday, January 5, 2005

celebrating the messiah

Remember, they were not yet married. Mary returns in December, convinced of the prophecy. She now falls pregnant, and nine months later, at the Feast of Tabernacles (September/ October) Jesus is born. More logical speculation: Caesar Augustus wanted to tax the people of the Roman world (Luke 2:1-3). The Romans knew that the Jews hated them and would not cooperate. I think that the Romans took advantage of the time of the east of Tabernacles when all Jews would come back to their own... [read more]

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enjoy the ritual

These are the myths of our times and I appreciate them for exactly that. The story of Santa Clos (that's how people call him in Puerto Rico), wether it is through King Wenseslaus or St. Nicholas, is a story of compassion, charity, humility. The trees, the lights, the presents, they all represent hope. Hope for lighter, warmer, friendlier days. Hope for lightness, kindness and friendship during the darkest days of the year. Hope... [read more]

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do you smoke

Why Do You Smoke. Perhaps you smoke because you enjoy handling a cigarette. You enjoy the ritual of lighting up. You like to gesture with a cigarette in hand when you talk, taking a drag when you pause. You may fiddle with the cigarette or the ashtray, or watch the smoke as you exhale. If so, you enjoy handling a cigarette. Maybe you smoke because it gives you more energy. This is... [read more]

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risk of cancer

Reducing Your Risk of Cancer Unfortunately there is no one single thing that you can do to protect yourself from getting cancer. On the bright side, though, researchers have learned a lot about the causes of cancer and how it spreads. From this information, experts have been able to recommend strategies that can reduce your risk of getting cancer. Cancer experts believe that prevention is key in the battle against cancer; and some believe that it is the only way... [read more]

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drinking grapefruit juice

Click here Email this page. Print in friendly format. News by email. Your comments Grapefruit juice may contain cancer-fighting compounds Related News Citrus peel shows cholesterol-lowering qualities Grapefruit may be easy weight loss remedy Zinc and citrus antioxidant could protect against arthritis Ocean Spray launches grapefruit range Grapefruit aroma can aid slimming All news for December 2004 All news for November 2004 Related Supplier & Product information Phytochemicals, plant extracts 26/08/2004 - Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are known... [read more]

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some damage to her heart

Drugs with known adverse effects on the cardiovascular system should be used with caution in patients with pre-existing heart disease and in those taking drugs which may cause electrolyte abnormalities. Treatment of drug-induced arrhythmias involves stopping the causative agent and correcting any electrolyte imbalance. Hospital admission is generally required to allow for intensive ECG monitoring and drug therapy or pacing if needed. Case Study A local GP telephones to ask your advice about one of her patients, Mrs L, a 56-year-old woman with chronic urticaria who takes... [read more]

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my wife in tears

Thursday nite, I'm in the midst of rehearsing with a singer that I'm playing for on Saturday, and my 16 year old son calls me. Apparently, my wife got extremely dizzy, had major chest pain and began throwing up, and he wisely didn't take 2 seconds to dial 911. The paramedics immediately decide to rush my wife to the hospital, and needless to say, I'm on my way, too. At the hospital, they begin to try and draw blood from... [read more]

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crashing into the World Trade Center

Locate Manufacturers Using Our Equipment Overview NEW. Webcard Product Info Exclusive Industry Research Radiant Heat Report History of Plumbing Calendar of Events Books Contact Us List Rental Feedback Home All BNP Media TheNEWS ASI Appliance Design Assembly CeramicIndustry CircuiTree CommercialFloorCare DairyFoods EDC EnergyUserNews EngineeredSystems FCI FoodEngineering ICS IndustrialHeating ISHN NationalDriller NationalFloorTrends NutraSolutions IPP PackagingStrategies PCI PMEngineer PlumbingMechanical PointOfBeginning PollutionEngineering PreparedFoods PCE ProcessHeating Quality ReevesJournal RoofingContractor SDM Security SNIPS StoneWorld-CSTD SupplyHouseTimes Tile WallsCeilings WorldTrade Want to use this article. Click here for options. Posted on: 09/12/2001 The Attack: A Personal Experience By... [read more]

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god is dead

Jakes What do you think. related columns More from John Shelby Spong New Zealand: Western Christianity in Miniature The Church in Australia: A Ray of Hope European Christianity: A Bleak Picture Is Christianity Going South. Today's Top Picks A Bishop Speaks John Shelby Spong The Theistic God is Dead --A Casualty of Terrorism The terrorist tragedy will help us step beyond yesterday's God, beyond pious delusions Since Sept. 11, the image of airplanes, loaded with both human beings and gasoline crashing into the World Trade Center, has been etched on our consciousness. The willingness on the part... [read more]

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