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the sun makes me happy
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

choose suicide

Should they be given the same access to the suicide option as able-bodied people have. Many faith groups within Christian,... [read more]

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dark phase in my life

AnimeNfo AnimeNfo Forums Search Usergroups Profile You have no new messages Log out [ Googlebot (#111686) ] You last visited on Yesterday The time now is All times are UTC 0 View posts since last visit... [read more]

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yet another poem

ARTISTS & COMPOSERS. HRL MORRISON MUSIC TRUST Landscapes: New Zealand Orchestral Music (MMT2037) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Kenneth Young 1 Drysdale Overture Douglas Lilburn (9:56) [LISTEN] 2 Dancing on a Volcano Lyell Creswell (12:27) 3 Stealing Tutunui Maria Grenfell (8:33) 4 Elysian Fields David Hamilton (12:05) 5 Hinterland Martin Lodge (11:07) 6 …of... [read more]

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his smile grows

Oh my goodness, he's holding my hand. He is just so sweet. I think I'm totally falling for him, the girl is thinking, as she looks down at their intertwined fingers, and then looks up into her boyfriend's mischievous brown eyes. In turn, the boyfriend looks at their... [read more]

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the sun makes me happy

Omari and Brutha Los has even amply worked with the "No on Prop. 21" campaign, fighting against this initiative that they feel is an "assault on youth. " As Omari joins into the conversation after grabbing a coffee, he excitedly tells us about a student of his who has shown improvement... [read more]

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