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errare humanum est
Saturday, February 5, 2005

sexual relation with his Mother

Kinney in her article "The (Dis)Embodied Hero and the Signs of Manhood in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" explains: "To support his assertion that the Green Knight is as much man as 'etayn' [assumed to be Gawain in... [read more]

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being castrated

It still seems quite daring and risky to apply psychoanalytic approach into the text itself, especially it comes with the Oedipus complex. But if we put Freud’s three psychic zones and Sir Gawain’s conflict together, or related his fear of castration with his fear of being beheaded, the applying of psychoanalytic approach... [read more]

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being celibate

If I would happen to see one of these girls at another time,they would be cold or rude. It dawned on me that since I didn't make advances towards them, they felt rejected. Some of the girls could be VERY mean and VERY cruel to the point that I really couldn't be... [read more]

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drug injection practices

) Affirm the patient ("I think its great that you're willing to be honest with yourself and take time to look at your level of risk. Reframe ("You're concerned about your level of risk, but... [read more]

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having homosexual sex

More than 90 percent of the participants said they had injected drugs in the 6 months prior to enrolling in the study. In their semiannual interviews, study participants reported their recent drug use and sexual... [read more]

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History of Mathematics

A history of the Lambda as a gay/lesbian/bisexual symbol. Alan Turing was a gay mathematician and founding father of computer science who was instrumental in the British war effort during World War II. After the war, he was convicted of having homosexual sex and... [read more]

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Islamic Medicine

search / help / staff Classical Islamic Medicine A Brief Chronology of Muslim History [ISL Software] - USC Muslim Stud Assoc, and some islamic history maps - UPenn (US) Internet Islamic History Sourcebook [ P Halsall ] The Prophet Mohammad - Muslim Students Assoc. , USC Holy Qur'an Resources on the Internet [ D al Tableegh ] - (UK)... [read more]

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errare humanum est

Living with Spina Bifida " width="5" height="12". Where Angels Fear to Tread " width="5" height="12". Islamic Medicine: Historical Development and Ideals " width="5" height="12". Alcohol Culture " width="5" height="12". Transitions " width="5" height="12". Errare Humanum Est " width="5" height="12". Why is the Third World our Problem. OSCE " width="5" height="12". How to Organise an Elective Project " width="5"... [read more]

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