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guerilla marketing
Monday, February 7, 2005

avoid war

Home TV Radio Talk Where I Live A-Z Index Low Graphics version. Change edition Feedback. Help News Front Page World UK England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Business Politics... [read more]

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We're doing everything possible

Boucher: I think if you -- I don't have any polls to gage the skepticism, but I would venture a guess that skepticism about Saddam Hussein is probably a lot higher than any skepticism about George Bush. We are happy to stand by our deeds. And the fact is, the President brought this to... [read more]

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it's your price

Service ] We had originally listed our home with another brokerage. During that listing, we had very few showings, and when Val or I expressed out concern, that broker said Well, it's the market, or it's your price range. We're doing everything possible to get you... [read more]

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building credibility

The Truth About Cookie-Cutter Layouts What to Do When Your Competitor Gets Ugly [ More in News Section ] Build and Design your Own Professional Website. Choose From a Variety of Applications From our Software Library at Discount Savings. Talk America Phone Savings Website Design Internet Marketing : Building Credibility... [read more]

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between you and your customers

Ripped from the pages of "Web Business Today. Enter Your E-mail Address Below. "Balancing The Relationship Between You and Your Customers " by Damon G. Zahariades... [read more]

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cooperate with other businesses

Some weapons hit bulls-eyes. Others miss the target. Unless you measure, you won't know which is which. INVOLVEMENT: This describes the relationship between you and your customers -- and it is a relationship. You prove your involvement by following up; they prove theirs by patronizing and recommending you. DEPENDENT: The guerrilla's job is not to... [read more]

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guerilla marketing

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