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home sweet home
Wednesday, February 9, 2005

a living hell

A Living Hell 2000 ( Iki-jigoku ) Unwelcome Guests August 12, 2004 lthough A Living Hell came out several years ago in Japan, the film has only recently been gathering word of mouth in the West as a must see cult item. Comparisons have been made with other Eastern films such as Audition and Western films like The Texas... [read more]

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my mother's childhood

Beyond that, she worked very hard. She had worked herself through nursing school in the 20's and knew as much as any doctor she worked with. They... [read more]

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One thing I do well is organize, so this should be an easy question to answer. I DO NOT put stickers on my books. I think books are such a treasure for years to come that... [read more]

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share your thoughts with other customers

com Feng Shui - wind water Feng Shui products, guides & advice coins, candles, crystals, fountains www. com Quick and Easy Feng Shui I'll Show You How To get more Money Love &... [read more]

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How Children Fail

book Information Explore this item buying info customer reviews search inside Listmania. Our favorite unschooling books : A list by nikleba, 24 year-old unschool grad Add your List Ready to... [read more]

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how children learn


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Lonsdorf and her associates have demonstrated that young female chimps and young male chimps learn in fundamentally different ways, and that these differences are genetically programmed, not socially constructed.   They themselves have noted that the differences they documented in young chimps are similar to sex differences in learning which are routinely observed in... [read more]

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Single-sex Education

Introduction Single-Sex Education In the past five years, there has been an extraordinary surge of interest in single-sex public education. The most important factor driving this resurgence is the growing recognition that girls and boys learn differently. Educators who understand these differences can... [read more]

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Bush Administration

FindLaw's Writ - Grossman: The Bush Administration's Push For Single-sex Education FindLaw. Supreme Court Find A Lawyer. CLE Lawyer Search State AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC... [read more]

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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing July 23, 2004 By Brad Friedman Everywhere I go these days there still seems to be a collective sense of shock and/or disbelief from folks on both the right and in the middle - and even on the left, who have been as mind-numbed as those everywhere... [read more]

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home sweet home

With definitions like that no wonder people are put off. But here we try and show that science and the Christian faith are not mutually exclusive - at all. Go and enjoy, and don't be afraid; science is a tool not an absolute truth. And we'll try and handle people like... [read more]

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