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bin laden doesn't exist
Friday, January 7, 2005

Escape The Matrix

1) The Genesis of the Matrix: the last cities of mankind, the war with the machines, and humanity's ultimate downfall. An epic guided tour of the Zion archives and the history of the Matrix. The Second Renaissance (pt. 2) The Genesis of the Matrix:... [read more]

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a personal revolution

The Key to Freedom. Escape The Matrix. Defeat Big Brother. Strike For Freedom A Personal Revolution for 2004 Where you are... [read more]

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minds and bodies

That's a story alright. It doesn't matter whether we tell it to a crowd of thousands, whisper it to our lover, or merely confess it to ourselves. The power is in owning it. In this book, I want to cut through all the labels and politics, and reveal what I've... [read more]

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useful to believe

Back to Think About It. Translate this Page English Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Croatian Czech Danish Dutch European Spanish Filipino (Tagalog) Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Latin American Spanish Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian... [read more]

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independently existing reality

Searle: During the 18th century primarily, but even going back longer in history, there was a movement, largely in Western Europe,... [read more]

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consciousness is an illusion

Existence is forever. Rand rejected what she called the mind-body dichotomy. Man, in her view, was a being of integrated body and soul. She rejected as mysticism the mind-body dualism of René Descartes, who... [read more]

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proof for consciousness

If consciousness is the emergent property of the aggregation of cells or electrodynamic processes, it seperates one from the reality that surrounds us, by creating an ego. In retrospect, when you were a simple organism, you could not even percieve, it is due to a growth in complexity, that you now... [read more]

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something science cannot deal with

Today the problem of animal consciousness has still not been satisfactorily solved. There are two opposing groups: one is the group which adheres to the norms and standards of natural science and in its quest for 'objectivity' denies the possibility of a proof for consciousness... [read more]

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bin laden doesn't exist

Postulating a theory is fine, but if you have no evidence to support it then it becomes irrelevant. bradguth Senior Member (226 posts) 06-26-04, 07:33 PM reply OK,... [read more]

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