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sex is dangerous
Friday, January 7, 2005

sex without smiling

It's hard for anything to stand out on Hollywood Boulevard anymore. Strip clubs, tattoo and piercing parlors and even the stars on the walk of fame have become commonplace. Now,... [read more]

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Erotic Museum

News Sports Lifestyle Opinions Classifieds Search advanced search Community Login. Register DT Poll Results Letter to Editor Information Advertising Archives Contact General Info History Staff Website Help Subscribe to Email Edition Click here to see our print edition front page Home. Lifestyle Erotic museum arouses the mind Picasso drawings, Marilyn Monroe... [read more]

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The penis

USA LOS ANGELES SEATTLE more AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2005 SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER. MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL more All Items Available online T-Shirts, Books, DVD's, Video's, Stubby Holders & Hats For more information click on the item your interested in purchasing. Modelled by: 'Anneka Svenska' Click here to... [read more]

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create an erection

Description of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) ED affects over 15 million men in the U. The normal physiology of erection involves a complex series of events. The penis contains two cylinders of sponge-like tissue... [read more]

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experience orgasm

An orgasm , also known as a sexual climax , is a pleasurable psychological or emotional response to prolonged sexual stimulation. It is often accompanied by a notable physiological reaction, such as ejaculation , blushing or spasm. Contents 1 General 2 Shared physiology... [read more]

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sexual power hierarchy

  These all contributed to a newfound appreciation of sexual pleasure and greater equality between the sexes (Gerhard, 15-17). Where the literature of the late nineteenth century permitted some discussion of sexuality, the literature of the early twentieth... [read more]

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pleasure rather than reproduction

  “Given the fact that sexuality was gender coded, a key issue was how women could be sexually expressive yet conform to an ideal of feminine spiritual and moral virtue,” writes Seidman (62). The message was clear - women who sought sexual pleasure outside of marital intercourse were of... [read more]

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sex is dangerous

< < previous story in depth timeline next story in depth. Tissot Declares Masturbation Dangerous Switzerland, 1760 - The Swiss physician, Simon-Auguste-Andre-David Tissot (1728-1787),... [read more]

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