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i love coca-cola
Saturday, January 8, 2005

disaster for human rights

Home News Releases About HRW Contribute Community Publications Info by Country Africa Americas Asia Europe/Central Asia Middle East/N. Africa United States Global Issues Arms Children's Rights... [read more]

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China's security

Related: Printer-friendly version About the authors WTO Fears of China's Security Chiefs By Carol Lee Hamrin & Tony Carnes Reprinted from... [read more]

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justification for the crackdown

Jiang is either unwilling or unable to engage in substantive discussions with Western leaders. ''This guy actually thought we needed to know about this stuff,'' said one Western diplomat. The crackdown has also revealed splits within China's security services. On April 25, more than 10,000 Falun Gong followers surrounded the Communist Party headquarters in... [read more]

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anti-smoking bill

Everything for People Concerned About Smoking & Nonsmokers' Rights FIRST on the Internet for Smoking News and Documents Action on Smoking and Health A National Legal-Action Antismoking Organization Entirely Supported by Tax-Deductible Contributions Search. Email Page India Adopts Tough Anti-Smoking Bill [02/12-1] Excerpts from: ASIA: Giant firms fight anti-smoking bill ASIA: Giant firms fight anti-smoking bill... [read more]

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They want higher taxes

Teen smoking has everything to do with Joe Camel, with unscrupulous marketing campaigns that prey on the insecurities and dreams of our children," Clinton said. Gingrich elaborated Tuesday on his earlier words, saying the president was confused. "We shouldn't go into one big liberal fantasy that only if we had the right bureaucracy of non-smoking with the right... [read more]

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you whine all the time

and I mean purpose that, to your surprise, will serve discussion and needed economic understanding. But again, please answer over there instead of here. Go to top hall... [read more]

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I'm never happy

Rather than be a burden, she would blend with the other people and add to the quality of their personnel. She was hired. Conversation # 4 friendships were made Jane was invited by David for lunch. Really, more than her company, he wanted to... [read more]

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I always want more

I can't understand why. Doctor : How long have you had this problem. Patient : What problem. Patient : If everyone... [read more]

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i love coca-cola

I have always felt dissatified in a lot of ways. I was born with champagne dreams into a Coca-Cola family. Don't get me wrong. I love Coca-Cola , but there has always been... [read more]

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