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kiss of death
Saturday, July 16, 2005

greatest source of love

These words became our anchor. “Focus on giving glory to God” was something I could understand. We began to pray for faith to... [read more]

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Not the Human Kind

If you feel confused, take time and seek your centre. Go to a place you consider special, whether in nature or wherever, and ask for guidance. Don’t seek after happiness. If you offer your life in service to your greatest source of love (and not the human kind ), happiness will... [read more]

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bad plumbing

MAIN FEATURES REVIEWS ADVICE PLUGS. SHOP SUBSCRIBE Bad Plumbing , Not the Human Kind as answered by Stephen, Missie, Johnathan, & Lori November 4, 2002 [ REDUNDANT WARNING. The advice seen here is for entertainment purposes only. Newmoanyeah... [read more]

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dark horror

Contact Us   Home   Get Local   News   Opinion   Business   Sports   Weather   Lifestyle   Entertainment ENTERTAINMENT Culture Dining Music Movies Stage Events Television TV Listings PR Newswire Columnists Touchstone Pictures Jennifer Connelly stars in Dark Water. The thriller is from the creators of the Ring... [read more]

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kiss of death

KISS OF DEATH PRODUCTIONS KISS OF DEATH PRODUCTIONS is an independent film company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We specialize in horror films and spicy... [read more]

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