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christophe bruno
Saturday, January 8, 2005

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Epoch: Classic Country: Austria Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Detailed Information about Masses and Requiem Litanies and Vespers Smaller Sacred Works Oratorios and Cantatas Operas and Stage Music Arias with Orchestra Songs Symphonies Serenades and Divertimenti Piano Concerti... [read more]

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Your Gold Box search music browse styles classical top sellers new & future releases free downloads essential cds used music SEARCH Popular Music - Artist Name - Album Title - Song Title Used Music Classical Music Music Downloads All... [read more]

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Arnold Schoenberg

Really Learn Music Theory (upd. : A guide by kontiki1948, Theory Instructor at Large Create your guide 9 used & new from $12. 00 Have one to sell. Style and Idea: Selected Writings of Arnold Schoenberg by Arnold Schoenberg List... [read more]

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John Cage

John Cage JOHN CAGE was born in Los Angeles in 1912. He studied with Richard Buhlig, Henry Cowell, Adolph Weiss, and Arnold Schoenberg. In 1938 Cage composed the first prepared piano piece, Bacchanale , for a dance by Syvilla Fort. In 1951, he organized a group of musicians and engineers to make the first music on magnetic tape. In... [read more]

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Nam June Paik

Please note: The music file for this lesson plan is now available. Please email for further information. Nam June Paik (Korean, Born 1932) Piano Piece, 1993 Closed circuit video sculpture, 120 x 84 x 48 Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery Sarah Norton Goodyear Fund, 1993 LESSON PLAN: TO HONOR A FRIEND Before beginning the lesson... [read more]

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Steve Dietz

metadata Steve Dietz The Database Imaginary:Memory_Archive_Database v 4. 0 In 1968, in a report to the Rockefeller Foundation during a residency at SUNY Stony Brook, Nam June Paik argued that 97% of all... [read more]

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Josephine Bosma

site map [ 1 ] Telematic Connections: The Virtual Embrace Steve Dietz [ 2 ] The Art of High Technology: A Conversation Steve Dietz, Glen Helfand, Lawrence Rinder, Benjamin Weil [ 3 ] Is... [read more]

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Alexei Shulgin

Josephine Bosma on Wed, 14 May 1997 17:52:30 0200 (MET DST) [ Date Prev ] [ Date Next ] [ Thread Prev ] [ Thread Next ] [ Date Index ] [ Thread Index ] interview with Alexei Shulgin To : nettime-l **at** Desk. nl Subject : interview with Alexei... [read more]

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heath bunting

heise online · c't · iX · Technology Review · Telepolis · mobil · Security · c't-TV · Jobs · IT-Markt · Kiosk _ _ Recount Mania Pissing Against the... [read more]

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Vuk Cosic

com will find out what Google. com thinks of you, your friends or anything. Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular... [read more]

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Tilman Baumgärtel


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Amy Alexander

Art Text Art Submit Your Artwork Browse Art by Artist Browse Art by Keyword Browse Art by Title ArtBase Management Policy Report: Preserving the ArtBase: Linked Object Agreement Cloned Object Agreement ArtBase Selection Criteria Rhizome Exhibitions Member-Curated Exhibits... [read more]

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christophe bruno

Christophe Bruno Jan 3, 2005 Mondays of the Arts, Cultures, and Numeric Medias at the Sorbonne, Paris in Biography - Talks/lectures Talk at the “Mondays of the Arts, Cultures, and Numeric... [read more]

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