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first man on earth
Saturday, January 8, 2005

down to the level of animals

Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention, which concerns humane treatment of prisoners, requires prisoners of war to be protected ďagainst acts of violence... [read more]

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grave breach of the Geneva Conventions

Iraq's release of humiliating footage of American and British prisoners of war also constitutes a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention, which concerns humane treatment... [read more]

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before the Gulf War

Mobs acting with the blessing of authorities harassed, detained, tortured, and sometimes summarily executed thousands, including Palestinians and others suspected of having supported the Iraqi occupation. Nevertheless, Iraq is responsible for far more violations of humanitarian norms and laws, as its forces entirely disregarded them throughout the Gulf War and its aftermath. On many occasions, Iraq intentionally targeted... [read more]

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modern Iraq

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE WAR IN IR. : A guide by c_van_hook, Systems Analyst Create your guide 53 used & new from $7. 87... [read more]

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the tower of Babel

Artist's conception of the tower based on archaeological data. (Copyright Lee Krystek, 1997) The Tower of Babel Now the whole earth had one language and few words. And as men migrated from the east, they... [read more]

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came from Babylon

Nimrod took the mark of CAIN or the MARK OF THE BEAST (LUCIFER). Then this SYMBOL was past down from Babylon. You... [read more]

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three Races of Man

In fact, there is no other evidence that there were three of them. In the eastern tradition, there were twelve Magi. In ancient murals and paintings in churches there were sometimes four, or more. Similarly, the names of... [read more]

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breathed life into it

While He waited for the clay man to solidify, He toured the Earth and amused Himself. Alas, Kabunian lost all track of time. When He remembered that He had left something in the oven longer than was ought, his first clay man was all burnt. It was black as... [read more]

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first man on earth

IN THE INDIAN AND PACIFIC OCEANS Among the Andamans, a primitive culture in the Indian Ocean, the god Puluga lives in... [read more]

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