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Imagine a world of transparency where all desires are negotiated on a global market and their risks are evaluated and optimized.


The Dadameter is a tool for the profiling of language at large scale and the historical tracking of artistic and literary movements. It brings about a new alliance between art, science and global finance.


We use up-to-date 2.0 trend analysis and data visualization technologies, neural networks, graph theory or quantitative structural linguistics in order to be able to predict the next artistic craze.

Raymond Roussel
Our starting point is twofold:
1) the work of Raymond Roussel, considered as a precursor of Dada
2) the recent transmutation of language into a global market ruled by Google et al.

Raymond Roussel - In 1912, Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia attend Roussel's theater play Impressions d'Afrique whose scandal anticipates the future Dada performances. Roussel becomes «an absolute master» for Duchamp and will influence Dada, Surrealism, OuLiPo or Nouveau Roman.

Homophony - In his posthumous text, How I Wrote Certain of My Books, Roussel describes his method: «I chose two similar words. For example billard and pillard (plunderer). Then I added to it words similar but taken in two different directions, and I obtained two almost identical sentences thus. The two sentences found, it was a question of writing a tale which can start with the first and finish by the second.». [more...]

Mass extraction of textual data from Google
Analysis in terms of homophony and semantics
and interpretation

The semantic graph: R.R.ENGINE



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